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Within FAIRway Danube the following activities will be performed:

  • Elaborate coordinated national action plans and define pilots
  • Procure equipment for hydrological services
  • Execute and evaluate pilots
    • Harmonized basic data on critical locations
    • Coherent monitoring of the navigation status
    • Harmonized water level forecast
    • Potential of fairway relocation
  • Develop innovative approaches (aerial monitoring, AtoNs …)
  • Prepare documentation for future implementation steps
  • Manage project and disseminate results

The activities within FAIRway Danube, will in the long run contribute to the following specific objectives:

  • Raise the quality of hydrological services for waterway infrastructure users
  • Raise the efficiency of fairway rehabilitation and maintenance measures along the Danube waterway
  • Ensure year-round navigability on the Danube waterway
  • Raise the safety of Danube navigation