2020 Navigation status and COVID-19 don`t stop FAIRway actions on the Danube – a success story from Romania


The FAIRway Danube project proves its backbone qualities in difficult times. Also, in times of the current Covid-19 crisis, FAIRway Danube sets important actions to restore the good navigation status. Following activities have been conducted from February until August 2020:

Surveying and dredging actions in Romania

In Romania, minimum discharge levels were reached by beginning of February (discharge amounting for 2600 – 3000 m3/s) in Calafat, Bechet and Corabia. Despite the difficult global health situation, the 3 critical sections have been subject to intense surveying activities undertaken with the surveying vessel “Ares”, which was acquired in the frame of FAIRway Danube. This was followed by dredging measures, eliminating the shallow sections.

The following surveying recordings show the situation before and after the dredging activities:

Bogdan – Secian

Approximately 43.000 m3 have been removed between 02. – 07. March 2020. The sections in red (see recordings underneath) display the critical sections before and after the dredging activities.


Approximately 12.000 m3 have been removed between 09. – 10. March 2020.


Approximately 37.000 m3 have been removed between  22. July  – 01. August 2020.

Marking actions in Romania

In addition to the surveying and dredging actions, a total of 19 marking trips have been carried out on the Romanian pilot sector since the beginning of the year. Thus, between March and August 2020, 12 marking trips have been conducted, which led to the good navigation conditions.


Andreas Bäck (Project Coordinator)

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