37 new gauging stations is counting the water level on the Danube


Since last summer (2020), 37 new and rehabilitated gauging stations are in full operation in Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. The gauging station enable the precise gathering of water level data, which is further on being

Stakeholders can fully benefit from the published information and forecasts, as the precise water level data enables an improved voyage planning with optimized loading capacities along the Danube.

The installation and rehabilitation of the gauging stations has been facilitated in the frame of the EU-co-funded project FAIRway Danube.

In country comparison, we can find:

  • 4 newly installed (Siga, Petreš, Sotin, Mohovo) and 5 rehabilitated (Batina, Aljmaš, Dalj, Vukovar, Ilok) gauging stations in

  • 10 newly installed (6 AFDJ at: Rast, Gura Jiului, Gradistea, Izvoarele, Rasova, Capidava and 4 ACN at: Medgidia Port, Murfatlar, Luminita Port, Cernavoda Pumping Station) and 8 rehabilitated (4 AFDJ at: Bechet, Corabia, Cernavoda, Harsova and 4 ACN, at: Agigea, Cernavoda, Ovidiu, Cernavoda Lock) gauging stations in Romania.

  • and 10 newly installed gauging stations in Bulgaria (9 automatic fixed gauging stations and 1 floating automatic gauging station) located at: 7 of the gauging stations are placed on the river bank of Gomotarci, Kozloduy, Gorni Vadin, Baykal, Zagrazhden, Ryahovo and Malyk Preslavets, 2 of them are mounted on the construction of the two bridges – Ruse – Giurgiu and Vidin – Calafat. The floating gauging station is mounted on a buoy and currently is placed at rkm 430,1 near Tutrakan), in Bulgaria





Andreas Bäck (Project Coordinator)

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