Completion of 37 gauging stations and provision of online results


The 10 newly installed gauging stations in Bulgaria and Romania respectively, complete the FAIRway gauging station stations to a total of 37.


10 newly installed gauging stations in Romania

By 10. July 2020, a network of 10 new gauging stations started to collect information on the water levels within the sector of Rast to Corabia, as well as Izvoarele to Harsova. Said information will support the new forecast calculation of water levels, further benefitting the good navigation status and the voyage planning for skippers.

The picture underneath shows the underlying management platform of the 10 gauging stations along the Romanian section of the Danube, which displays the respective water levels in an online application.

The pictures underneath show the installation process of one Romanian gauging station

10 new automatic water level gauges were installed along the Bulgarian section of the Lower Danube


Also in Bulgaria, 10 new automatic water level gauges have been installed under the FAIRway Danube project, which are now fully operational. They measure the water level and temperature on ten locations along the Bulgarian section – from Gomotarci village upstream to Malak Preslavets downstream. Two of them are mounted on the Vidin-Kalafat and Ruse-Giurgiu bridges. One of the gauges is floating – it’s fixed on a buoy, while the sensor is attached to the anchor. Such configuration is used for the first time on the Bulgarian stretch of the Danube. All gauges are electrically autonomous as they are power supplied by solar panels. The data, collected by the gauges, automatically transmits to a special data-base server and is used for the water level forecast, as well.

Water level gauges in Bulgaria:


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