EU Strategy for the Danube Region

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Priority Area 1A of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR PA1a) is committed to improve mobility and multimodality on inland waterways. The focus here is on waterway infrastructure, fleet modernisation and administrative processes. Coordinated by Austria and Romania, the technical secretariat of PA1a was the initiator of the “Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan for the Danube and its navigable tributaries”.

A first version of the national action plans was coordinated by the EUSDR PA1a. Since the launch of FAIRway Danube, the updates are now issued by the project partners. Contents provided by non-FAIRway partners are edited by the EUSDR PA1a. The overall political approval is granted by the Steering Group.

FAIRway Danube is the first implementation step of the Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan.