FAIRway actions on the Danube – a success story from Bulgaria


FAIRway Danube continues to set important actions to further improve the good navigation status. The project partner Bulgaria shared the activities from the last months, as well as ongoing actions, benefitting the shipping sector.


Surveying and dredging actions in Bulgaria

Following surveying activities in the frame of FAIRway Danube, using the new surveying vessel “Rs 2070”, dredging works on the Danube River in Bulgaria were performed in the course of the last three months. The Executive Agency “Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube River” which is responsible for the fairway maintenance, commissioned dredging works to be performed in the areas of Belene and Vardim islands where the fairway parameters were improved.

In Vardim area around 139 000 m3, were dredged and the fairway was widened to 150 m at LNWL. In Belene area more than 71 000 m3, were dredged and the fairway was widened to 180 m at LNWL.





A hydrographic survey is currently on-going to analyze in which section of the river dredging works are needed to be done in September.

Marking actions in Bulgaria


In addition, marking pilot activities under the FAIRway Danube project are continuing in the common Bulgarian-Romanian stretch of the Danube.

The marking vessel “Osam”, which was delivered in the frame of the FAIRway Danube project, continues ensuring the safety of the navigation on the common stretch between Romania and Bulgaria. Regular hydrographic surveys were performed and additional buoys were mounted in the most critical bottlenecks between Somovit and Silistra during the summer period. Marking activities on the bank signalization from Timok to Silistra were performed as well.

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