National Action Plan updates (octomber 2018)

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The National Action Plans are updated twice per year (May and October) and monitor the implementation status of the Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan for the Danube and its navigable tributaries.

The Action Plans illustrate the status of critical locations along the Danube, the hydrological conditions as well as rehabilitation and maintenance activities conducted by the Danube Waterway Administrations in a harmonized way. In addition, an outlook on planned investments and operational budgets is included. The document is used by the national administrations for planning the next steps in fairway rehabilitation and for improving internal procedures.

Therefore, the FAIRway Danube consortium made an effort to further increase transparency in reporting and the level of detail of the provided data.

Fairway conditions were very favorable in the period January – July 2018, especially compared to the same period of the previous year. The first seven months of the year were characterized by good hydrological conditions and water levels far above Low Navigable Water Level (LNWL) until the second half of July, when water levels started to decrease rapidly. In combination with extensive  maintenance  works  and  required  capital  interventions  this  led  to  very  favorable fairway conditions in the period January  – July 2018, especially on the Lower Danube where the infrastructural bottlenecks are usually most severe. From January until the end of June minimum fair way depths were exceeded on the Upper Danube. Fairway depths below 2.5m occurred only on a few days at the end of July. On the Central and Lower Danube several bottlenecks were dredged in the first months of 2018, resulting in good fairway conditions throughout the entire reporting period. Only at the most critical locations Futog (Serbia) and Cochirleni (Romania) the minimum fairway depth was not achieved for 21 and 22 days, respectively, in June and July.


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