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The National Action Plans are updated twice per year (May and October) and monitor the implementation status of the Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan for the Danube and its navigable tributaries.

These action plans illustrate the status and planned next steps for rehabilitation and maintenance activities in the Danube riparian countries.

This document provides the altogether tenth update of the Master Plan and comprises an overview of the fairway situation during the first nine months of 2019. Furthermore, taken and planned measures as well as the resulting budget needs and financing gaps for 2020 are illustrated. This document also includes information of the ecological status of the Danube and the relevant aspects, e.g. legal permits, related to maintenance and rehabilitation measures.

Fairway conditions were very favourable in in the first seven months of 2019 along the entire Danube. From January until July 2019 minimum fairway depths were mostly exceeded on all parts of the Danube; water levels remained above Low Navigable Water Level (LNWL) for the entire period. Only at the Lower Danube (at the Romanian critical sector Cochirleni) some days with fairway depths below 2.50 m occurred in January, due to lower water levels in winter. From mid-July and especially in the beginning of August 2019 water levels dropped rapidly and remained below or just slightly above LNWL until the end of September. These hydro-meteorological conditions caused fairway depths below 2.50 m at several critical sections, especially on the Lower Danube.

It is noteworthy that extensive maintenance dredging and fairway marking activities on the Lower Danube significantly improved fairway conditions during the low water season in summer. In Romania and Bulgaria dredging works were carried out in 2019, amongst others in Bechet (RO), Caragheorghe (RO), Cochirleni (RO), Vardim (BG) and Belene (BG). Without these necessary interventions fairway conditions would have been much worse. At several critical sectors dredging activities and the shifting of the fairway prolonged the period of fairly good fairway conditions.


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