New EU CEF-funded marking vessel baptized in Giurgiu, Romania, 26.03.2019


Giurgiu, Romania,26.03.2019

Romanian Minster of Transport Razvan Cuc, Commissioner Violeta Bulc, INEA Director Dirk Beckers and the Coordinator of the EU’s Rhine-Danube transport corridor ( Karla Peijs took part in the baptism ceremony of the vessel “Concordia EU 2019” funded by the Connecting Europe Facility ( in Giurgiu, Romania today in the framework of the Romanian Council Presidency of the European Union. The vessel will provide up-to-date soundings of the riverbed and shorter to reaction time for marking. Fleet operators and shippers will benefit from the timely and reliable information on the fairway conditions, the waterway administrations will be able to plan future measures in a better way.

The vessels are part of the CEF-funded FAIRway ( and project that aims to upgrade the Danube River transport infrastructure. The EU is supporting this project with €19.6 million, which represents nearly 85% of the total project costs.

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National Coordinator
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