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Marking vessel KATKA

In the second half of 2019, the marking vessel KATKA started its pilot operation after its procurement in the frame of FAIRway Danube. Within the framework of the pilot, the marking vessel KATKA is conducting weekly marking trips on the entire Danube stretch from rkm 1880,2 to rkm 1708,2 (common AT-SK stretch, national SK stretch and common SK-HU stretch). The tours of KATKA are starting from Gabčíkovo (home port) either upstream or downstream, during which they monitor the state of the floating, coastal and bridge signalisation, as well as the functioning of the radar reflectors.








Manipulation of the buoys

The vessel, co-funded from the Connecting Europe Facility performed all activities necessary to ensure safe navigation.

Surveying vessel MS Boat C 800

The pilot operation of the surveying vessel MS Boat C 800 continues to provide accurate results required for planning waterway management measures. The pilot operation also enables the Slovak waterway administration to gain experiences and to overcome challenges of the beginning of the operation.

As of September 2020, and onwards, the pilot operation of the surveying vessel MS Boat C 800 continued successfully according to plan by surveying following critical sections: Čenkov, Mužľa, Chľaba, Hron sútok, Obid, Veľké Kosihy 1, Veľké Kosihy 2, Kližská Nemá 1, Vének 3, Vének 1, Čičov a Zemník.

The surveying showed that the critical sector of Veľké Kosihy 1 (picture below) required further dredging measures. This lead consequently to the required improvement of the relevant fairway section.

Critical sector of Veľké Kosihy 1

Afterwards, the second phase began which included the surveying of all critical sections for the second to third time. The crew plans to complete the pilot operation under the FAIRway Danube project as planned by the end of 2020.



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