Re-confirmed political support for FAIRway Danube


With the signing of the Danube Ministerial Conclusions in June 2020, the Danube Ministers of Transport (with the exception of the Hungarian Ministry of Transport) signalled the re-confirmed commitment to further improve fairway conditions for Danube navigation.

The ongoing importance of CEF flagship project FAIRway Danube and the underlying Fairway Rehabilitation and Maintenance Master Plan for the Danube and its navigable tributaries (adopted in December 2014) has been recognised within the Danube Ministerial Conclusions in order to further improve the framework conditions for Danube navigation.

Through support and undertaken investments in the frame of FAIRway Danube project and the joint efforts of all beneficiaries (AT, SK, HR, BG and RO), cross-border coordination and monitoring activities have been intensified over the last years. This led to key progresses in the field of fairway rehabilitation and maintenance, including intensified marking and maintenance activities and the improved rehabilitation of bottlenecks. Easily accessible and up-to-date fairway information services regarding fairway depth and width data in shallow sections as well as water level forecasts supported river administration authorities to set the right actions. The Danube waterway is now better prepared for extreme weather impacts than it was five years ago.

Also, in the future, monitoring, marking and maintenance activities will be of high importance: The Danube Ministerial Conclusions support to maintain or even increase the fairway rehabilitation and maintenance efforts in order to fulfil the Good Navigation Status (GNS) of the Danube river and its navigable tributaries.

Please find the Danube Ministerial Conclusions here.