Stakeholders pleased with the results of FAIRway Danube


Keeping the shipping companies and logistics service providers important is key to the success of FAIRway Danube. For this reason, the National User Fora are organised once a year in each country to discuss the current state of play. In 2019, five national user fora were convened

  • in Bucharest on 27.3.2019
  • in Rousse (Bulgaria) on 28.05.2019
  • in Vukovar (Croatia) on 22.11.2019
  • in Budapest on 13.11.2019
  • in Bratislava on 25.11.2019

Romanian National User Forum in Bucharest on 27.3.2019

The Romanian partner AFDJ Galati presented tangible results, starting with the new marking vessel, which began its pilot operation on the Danube section between Corabia and Bechet in June 2019. In addition, surveying results from the pilot operation of the new surveying vessel were published in order to inform the users. The administration of the Danube-Black Sea Canal explained how the new single-beam echo sounder is used and how surveying results are published. The new and rehabilitated new gauging stations provide accurate information on the water-levels in the canal.

Bulgarian User Forum in Rousse on 28.05.2019

The Bulgarian partner (IAPPD) presented the newly delivered vessels, the surveying vessel and the marking vessel “Osam” which started its operation in October 2018. Pilot activities are being implemented in order to optimize the fairway conditions in the bottlenecks and provide accurate and timely information to the fairway users.

Croatian User Forum in Vukovar on 22.11.2019

The current status quo of the Croatian partner within the FAIRway Danube project was explained, presenting the acquisition process of new vessels, equipment and gauging stations acquired in previous years, as well the new water level forecast system. The status of pilot activities within the project along the Croatian stretch of the Danube River was pointed out, demonstrating the improved quality and efficiency of hydrographical surveying, which could be realized through the newly acquired vessels and equipment. In addition, the Croatian partner presented the improvements in marking of the fairway with the “Connecting Europe” vessel.

Hungarian User Forum in Budapest on 13.11.2019

The Hungarian User Forum not only dealt with the FAIRway Danube project, but presented related initiatives such as the Danube Development study as well. The project partners presented the plans for the new surveying vessel which was baptized by TEN-T Coordinator Karla Peijs 2 days before the User Forum. The vessel will enable the administration to do regular surveys on critical sections.

Slovak User Forum in Bratislava on 25.11.2019

Within the event, the Slovak partners presented the new surveying and marking vessel, which were put into operation in 2019. The new marking and surveying vessel, will be use on the Danube sector to improve the navigation conditions. In addition, the plans for the Slovak national Waterway Management System were presented.



Andreas Bäck (Project Coordinator)

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Claudiu Dutu (Project Dissemination)
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