Surveying Vessels and gauging stations are in pilot operation

Pilots Monitoring

In the frame of FAIRway Danube, the procurement of surveying vessels and the establishment of gauging stations has been successfully completed. After the testing phase, the equipment is now in pilot operation in Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania for more than 1 year already.

The surveying equipment collects hydrographic riverbed data and information on critical fairway sections in regular intervals, while the gauging stations monitor hydrological data 24/7. The data is regularly published on the Danube FIS Portal (, accessible to skippers and waterway administrations. The monitoring pilots serve as testing phase: The results are being analysed in order to improve and modernise the waterway administrations’ operative tasks regarding monitoring and the subsequent information provision; while establishing a solid and harmonized data basis for management decisions regarding follow-up projects and initiatives.


Following surveying vessels and gauging stations are being tested during the monitoring pilot:


In Croatia,


  • the newly procured surveying vessel “Connecting Europe I” with its multibeam equipment is in pilot operation since November 2017;
  • in total, 9 new/rehabilitated gauging stations are in service starting as of May 2017 until October 2018.

In Bulgaria,

  • the pilot operation started as of April 2018, using the new surveying vessel “Rs 2070”, which is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring equipment

In Romania,

  • the new surveying vessel “Ares” with its multibeam sensors is in pilot operation since September 2018, marking the start of the monitoring pilot operation

In Slovakia

  • after the testing phase, June – September 2019, the pilot operation started in October, 2019, using the new surveying vessel.

Along the Danube-Black Sea Canal

  • the monitoring pilot operation started as of October 2017, using the new portable single beam echosounder.
  • 8 new/rehabilitated gauging stations were put in operation as of August 2018.

From l-r – first row

(1) Croatian surveying vessel “Connecting Europe I”

(2) Romanian surveying vessel “Ares”

(3) Portable single beam equipment (operating in Romania along the Danube-Black Sea Canal)

From l-r – second row:

(4) Croatian gauging station

(5) Water level gauging station along the Danube-Black Sea Canal

(6) Bulgarian surveying vessel “Rs 2070”




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